Anmeldelse i Art-Agenda

Art-Agenda tok turen innom utstillingen My Dream – Our Common Future? forrige måned. 

Kritiker Orit Gat var i Oslo i anledning Oslo Art Weekend, og besøkte flere utstillinger mens hun var her, deriblant Akershus Kunstsenter som da viste My Dream – Our Common Future?.

Hun skriver blant annet følgende om utstillingen:

«I watch a neo-Nazi march in Poland and think of Charlottesville. I think of displaced children in Syria alongside those in detainment camps in Texas. It’s terrifying to think that all places are the same, that the rise of right-wing nationalism is all-encompassing, that the experience of loss, or fear, is omnipresent. And the definite near-future rise in climate refugees means they will face xenophobic systems rigged against them in states unable to answer the needs of a deteriorating planet and thus holding even stronger to borders, or whatever is left of them.»

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