About Akershus Kunstsenter


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About Akershus Kunstsenter:
Akershus Kunstsenter [tr. Akershus Art Centre] is an art institution that presents, mediates and debates contemporary art through a programme of exhibitions in our gallery and specific art activities. Akershus Kunstsenter functions as a centre for resources and services in contemporary art, and a gallery for contemporary art. We offer advisory services, appoint consultants to public projects, and actively cooperate with institutions on a regional level. Akershus Kunstsenter is also a partner in several international projects. 

The centre is owned and run by BOA and NKSO, the organisations that support professional visual artists and craftspeople in the region.

AKS also holds an archive of documentation and resource materials, offering information and professional support services to artists, private and public bodies, and the general public. We also run a gallery shop, presenting a diverse range of design, art and craft works and texts.

If you wish to apply to exhibit at AKS, please send us an application or contact Tor Arne Samuelsen or Rikke Komissar.